dental implants

Dental Implants

Missing teeth can create problems in virtually all areas of your life, from maintaining proper nutrition to feeling confident. 

Dr. Brian J. Polidori can restore missing teeth with dental implants – biocompatible posts that function just like natural tooth roots. 

Why do so many patients from the greater Denver area choose dental implant treatment at our Lakewood, CO, practice?

Enjoy a Better Quality of Life With Dental Implants Four Benefits of Treatment

Lasting Support

When properly placed, dental implants can provide a lifetime of stability and oral health benefits. Colorado Premier Dental uses the latest technology in dentistry, including a cutting-edge 3-D scanner, to ensure the success and durability of your results. In fact, dental implants can last upwards of 40 years with proper care.

Jawbone Health

Losing teeth can lead to a weakening of the jawbone. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that can slow or even halt tissue loss in the jaw

Restored Function

While traditional dentures often slip out of place during meals or conversation, implants are fixed to the jaw and are highly secure. With implants, you can feel confident about your normal routine without worrying about the fit and function of your prosthetic.

Natural-Looking Results

Because implants provide such secure support for crowns, bridges, or dentures, no one will be able to tell that your smile is not full of natural teeth. Additionally, Dr. Polidori will expertly color-match your dental crown, dental bridge, or denture to blend in with your smile.

Take a Look at the Dental Implant Process... 

Dental implants are titanium devices that replace lost tooth roots.

Why visit our Lakewood practice for dental implants?

Our Dentist Is an Implant Expert

For the best results, choose a skilled expert for your implant treatment. Dr. Polidori studied at the Misch International Implant Institute, one of the world's most elite dental implant training programs. He is also a board-certified diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Complimentary Consultations for Implants Contact Us Today

Our practice is committed to providing patients with the highest level of care by adopting the latest techniques and technology. Our dental office in Lakewood, CO, is one of the only practices in the Denver area that is equipped with its own 3-D computed tomography (CT) scanner. This technology produces high-resolution images of your bone tissue and biostructures, allowing Dr. Polidori to determine the ideal locations for your dental implants.

We care about your wellbeing and want to provide the safest treatment possible. You can find out if you make a good candidate for dental implants during a free consultation with our dentist. You can request an appointment through our online form or by calling:

(303) 935-3465

our office

We Go the Extra Mile for Our Patients!

"What a phenomenal experience at Colorado Premier Dental with Dr. Polidori!  Dr. Polidori's concern for me as his patient was evident in everything he did. He carefully informed me of his actions and was constantly concerned about my well being during my procedure.  His professional knowledge is outstanding and beyond reproach.  He put what I would consider "extra effort" in every interaction with me while under his care and gave me a follow up call the next day to check on my status.  I highly recommend Dr. Polidori and Colorado Premier Dental!" Mark Barnett

Feeling embarrassed about tooth loss? Know that you are not alone...

Tooth Loss Is a Common Problem for Adults in the U.S.

Dental implants are a suitable tooth replacement option no matter how many teeth you are missing...

You Can Also Convert Your Existing Restoration


If you previously chose a traditional method of tooth replacement such as conventional dentures, it is not too late to ask Dr. Polidori about dental implants. In many cases, we can convert existing dentures into stable, implant-supported restorations if the prosthesis is in good condition.

In addition to helping your dentures stay firmly in place, dental implants are much more convenient. You will no longer have to worry about cleaning your dentures after each meal, soaking overnight, and re-inserting them with messy dental adhesives. They will only be removed by your dentist as necessary for periodic cleaning and maintenance. 

Why choose dental implants over traditional restorative dentistry?

Implants Are a Good Long-Term Investment

In the past, traditional bridges and dentures were the only way to replace missing teeth, and they remain a common solution. Unfortunately, traditional bridges and dentures cannot stop jawbone atrophy. Bone loss is why traditional dentures require frequent relining and adjustments. As the shape of your face continues to change, the cost of these adjustments can add up over time.

On the other hand, dental implants stimulate the jaw to prevent atrophy. You will maintain your facial structure and avoid developing the sunken appearance that sometimes develops with tooth loss. Your implant-supported restoration will have a strong, permanent base that will require significantly fewer adjustments and replacements in the decades to come.

Wondering if you are a good candidate for dental implants?

Four Basic Requirements for Dental Implant Candidates

Sufficient Jawbone Density

In order to qualify for traditional, full-size titanium implants, you need to have a healthy amount of remaining bone tissue. If your bone tissue is compromised, Dr. Polidori can perform a bone graft or utilize mini implants that don't require grafting.

Healthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy habits like smoking can slow down your body's ability to heal, increasing your risk of implant failure. To ensure that your implants are successful, you should stop smoking for several months before and after your surgery. Ideally, you should quit altogether.

Strong Oral Health

Prior to implant surgery, you should be free of gum disease and other oral health conditions. Because our Lakewood, CO, team provides comprehensive general dentistry services, we can treat outstanding issues in-office.

Controlled Diabetes

Diabetes does not disqualify you from getting implants, but uncontrolled diabetes can increase the risk of complications and hinder the body's healing response. You should have stable, healthy glucose levels to ensure the success of your surgery.

We know the idea of surgery may seem scary...

Our Lakewood Practice Offers Sedation Ensuring Your Comfort and Relaxation

Many patients at our Lakewood practice, serving Arvada and other areas around Denver, are able to undergo the dental implant procedure with minimal discomfort after receiving only local anesthesia. 

However, if you are anxious about your upcoming treatment, or about dentistry in general, you can also choose from our other sedation options

  • Nitrous oxide
  • Oral sedation
  • Intravenous (IV) sedation

Our team can help you decide which option is best for you during a consultation.

sedated woman

We Value Our Patients
and Provide a Personal Touch

Dr. Polidori

At Colorado Premier Dental, we are dedicated to forming personal and long-lasting relationships with each of our patients. We believe in honest communication and giving our patients individual attention so we can better address their needs and goals. With over 25 years of experience as a dentist, Dr. Polidori has the skill and gentle disposition to make you feel comfortable and cared for during your treatment. 

We also try to maintain a comfortable atmosphere by offering snacks, juices, television, and a spacious courtyard for children to play in. If you have questions or are ready to schedule your consultation, please contact our Lakewood office today. You can reach us online or speak to a member of our friendly staff by calling:

A High-Tech Practice That Patients Trust

"Finally, a dentist that listens and puts people first. The staff here is friendly and upbeat, the office is bright and cheery with a comfortable waiting room, and prices are reasonable. Dr. Polidori has a friendly no-pressure approach and has great bedside manner with dental skills to match. He stays up to date on the latest technology and procedures, which from my research seems hard to find in local dentists that seem to want to stay stuck in the old ways" Amy S

More Patients Can Qualify for Treatment With Mini Dental Implants

Mini implant vs. traditional implant
Mini dental implants make it possible to skip preliminary procedures like bone grafts by taking full advantage of the existing tissue.

Preparing Your Smile For Implant Dentistry 

During your consultation, we take highly detailed 3-D CT scans of your oral structures to evaluate your candidacy and prep for success. Thanks to his extensive experience in oral surgery, Dr. Polidori can determine if you need preparatory work, and he can treat you conveniently at our Lakewood office. Some patients require...

Bone Grafting

If you have suffered jawbone degeneration, a common side effect of tooth loss, and would like to receive traditional implants, we may recommend bone grafting. During surgery, Dr. Polidori will make a tiny incision in your gums and build up the treatment area using your own bone, donor bone, or a synthetic substitute. Over the next several months, your natural bone will integrate with the new material and create a strong, stable foundation for your implant posts.

More About Bone Grafting

Tori Removal

In some cases, Dr. Polidori may recommend tori removal. Tori are small, bony growths that develop on your hard palate. Although they are harmless, tori can get in the way of dental restorations. Additionally, if they grow, they can cause discomfort. Tori removal is quick and involves little to no discomfort. In most cases, Dr. Polidori can perform the procedure using only local anesthesia.

Contact Us for More Information

We Encourage Patient Education Helping You Choose the Best Form of Treatment 

"Dr. Polidori is a thoughtful dentist who explains any issues you have and all the courses of treatments that are available to you with all the pros and cons of each option allowing the patient to make an informed decision on the path they want to take.
The staff helps create a very family friendly environment to help put you at ease while at a dental office. I have gone to several dental offices in the past and have finally found one I'll be staying at as long as they are in business. My dental health is the best it has ever been!!! Thanks Dr. Polidori!
Abdul K.

A Closer Look at Your Treatment Timeline

Although the exact process of receiving dental implants is different from patient to patient, you can typically expect the following steps during your office visits at our Lakewood, CO, practice...

If you are anxious about your treatment, ask about our sedation options.
If you are anxious about your treatment, ask about our sedation options.


First, Dr. Polidori will conduct a comprehensive exam to assess your candidacy and determine if you can undergo treatment with minimal risks. If you need any type of care to become a good candidate, we can usually perform preparatory procedures on-site. 


Dr. Polidori will then use digital X-rays and our 3-D scanner to obtain a detailed view of your jawbone. This is helpful to determine your candidacy for implants. He can also use these images to pinpoint the optimal placement for your implants. 


On the day of your procedure, our dentist will numb your gums and surrounding tissue before surgically placing the implants. Thanks to effective local anesthesia, the procedure should involve minimal discomfort. However, if you are nervous about the surgery, you can choose one of our sedation options. Some patients will receive a temporary restoration at this time.


Over the next three to six months, the posts will fuse with your bone in a process known as "osseointegration."


When healing is complete, Dr. Polidori will place abutments that connect your implants to your custom-made restoration. Abutments ensure your prosthetic stays securely in place without slipping or coming loose.


When the final prosthetic is ready, you will return to our Lakewood office for placement. Dr. Polidori will secure the crown, bridge, or denture to your abutments and make any necessary adjustments. Once complete, your restorations will look, feel and function just like natural teeth. 

See the Difference a Dental Implant Can Make

smile with an exposed dental implant
Before This patient was missing a tooth and received a traditional dental implant.
complete smile
After A custom implant-supported crown fills the gap in their smile.

Can I afford dental implants?

We Have Flexible Payment Options

We want to make implants available to as many patients as possible. In addition to offering a free consultation for implant patients, we also offer flexible payment options:

Insurance and Spending Accounts

Our experienced insurance coordinators will help you review your policy and determine if your plan contributes to any part of implant treatment. You can also use Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) to cover out-of-pocket expenses.

Third-Party Financing

If you do not have insurance or implants are not covered in your plan, we also accept third-party financing through CareCredit®. CareCredit provides low-interest and interest-free financing plans that allow patients to work implants into their budget. 

Get Your Personal Estimate Today!

In order to give you an exact cost estimate for your dental implant treatment, we will first need to examine your smile. We are happy to offer our patients in the greater Denver region free consultations to learn more about the cost of dental implants. Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Polidori today! You can reach our Lakewood office online or give us a call at:

(303) 935-3465

Five Stars!


Crystal Snyder


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The Dr did a phenomenal job as well as the staff with being a new patient. They don't pressure and will give treatment plans to whatever they feel is necessary. I had anxiety going in and continued to have it when in the chair. They did everything they could to relax me. The doctor, and the staff where very professional and polite, I definitely recommend.

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Audrey Marie


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Best dentist I have ever been to. Dr. Polidori is very kind, gentle, and helpful. He and his team have always got me in if I ever have a problem. Normally I hate going to the dentist but they are all so kind and careful that I actually don't mind the work they do on my teeth. The staff are equally great as Dr. Polidori. I highly suggest Colorado Premier Dental. I never want to go to another dentist again!

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Dr. Polidori

Colorado Premier Dental, PLLC

Dr. Brian J. Polidori is a highly trusted dentist who is committed to providing his patients in Lakewood and the greater Denver area with the highest level of dental care. He is a member of several prestigious organizations, including: 

  • American Dental Association
  • Colorado Dental Association 
  • Academy of General Dentistry 
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists 

To schedule a visit to our office, request an appointment online or call us directly at (303) 935-3465.

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