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Sedation Dentistry

If you struggle with dental anxiety or low pain tolerance, you may be tempted to put off visits to the dentist.

Brian J. Polidori can help you overcome these obstacles, relax during treatment, and take care of your oral health with sedation dentistry.

Learn more about sedation at our Lakewood, CO, dental practice and how it can benefit you...

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is simply medication we use to help patients relax during dental treatment. The team at our dental office in Lakewood, CO, offers different levels of sedation in the forms of nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedatives, and IV sedatives to help patients overcome their aversion to the dentist's office. 

Reasons to Consider Sedation

Dental Phobia

Dental phobia can stem from a number of factors, including unpleasant past experiences, claustrophobia, and embarrassment. Sedatives can alleviate the anxiety you feel before, during, and after your dental procedure.

Movement Control

Sedation not only relaxes the mind but the body's natural movements and reactions. Patients who struggle with keeping still in the dentist's chair will be able to sit calmly even throughout lengthy or complex dental work. 

Pain Tolerance

A primary concern among patients is the pain associated with dental procedures, especially if you have a low pain threshold or highly sensitive teeth. Sedation reduces your sensory awareness, minimizing the discomfort of treatment. 

Gag Reflex

Some patients have an overactive gag reflex, making dental work extremely uncomfortable. Sedation will calm your body's natural gag response, allowing you to receive treatment without unpleasant sputtering or choking. 

Dental Phobia Is More Common Than You Think...

Dental phobia is a common condition that affects patients of all ages. Anxiety can affect you deeply, causing you to lose sleep at night, struggle with concentration, or have physical symptoms such as an elevated heart rate.
Between 9 and 20 percent avoid dental treatment due to fear or anxiety
Sedation gives patients the confidence to schedule cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry knowing their visit will not involve extreme discomfort or distress.

Types of Sedation

Dr. Polidori offers three forms of safe, effective sedatives for our patients in the greater Lakewood and Denver areas...

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Oral Sedation

Oral conscious sedation involves taking a prescription anti-anxiety drug in the form of a pill before you undergo treatment. Depending on the dosage, oral sedatives can induce a light or moderate level of relaxation. In both cases, patients will remain awake and able to respond to questions and instructions. Oral sedation can take a few hours to wear off, but carries little risk for side effects.

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​Nitrous Oxide

More commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is an odorless gas administered through a mask over your nose. When inhaled, nitrous oxide induces a feeling of deep relaxation and mild euphoria. The amount of gas you receive is carefully controlled during your procedure and wears off quickly once the mask is taken off. 

IV drip

IV Sedation

In special cases, we can provide our dental patients with IV sedation, administered through a needle intravenously.  For your safety, we will bring in a licensed anesthesiologist to assist with treatment. Because this is a much stronger form of sedation, we typically reserve it for extreme cases of dental phobia.

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These guys did an amazing job! I suffer from anxiety and I have never had such a positive and relaxing experience. Great job, great staff! I'd give 6 points if I could. 12 hours later and I'm still comfortable after two teeth extracted and a bone graft.

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Been coming here for years. The whole staff are just top notch. Truly the only dental staff that I trust.

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Dr. Polidori

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