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Root Canal

Do you have a painful tooth, especially when chewing? You may have a dental infection — and root canal treatment can help.

Contrary to popular belief, a root canal is a nearly painless dental procedure. It may be necessary to save your tooth from extraction.

At Colorado Premier Dental serving Lakewood, CO, we use modern root canal techniques that can end your pain and preserve your smile.

How Does a Root Canal Work?

To understand root canal treatment, we first have to understand the anatomy of a tooth.

Your tooth is protected by a hard outer shell of enamel. Beneath the enamel lies the dentin, and beneath this lies the pulp, blood vessels, and nerves. These extend down to the roots of your tooth through the root canals. When a cavity develops on the crown of the tooth, the bacteria can spread inward to the pulp and nerves, resulting in a root canal infection. This is a serious and painful issue that can result in tooth loss unless promptly addressed by an endodontist or a qualified dentist like Dr. Brian Polidori.

During root canal treatment, a dentist or endodontist makes a small opening in the crown of the tooth to access the pulp within. They remove the infected pulp, sanitize the inner chamber, and fill the space with a rubberlike material. A dental crown may then be placed over the tooth for added structural support.

Worried About Pain During Your Root Canal? Sedation Can Keep You Comfortable

Painful root canal treatment is a thing of the past thanks to modern developments in dentistry. In fact, the treatment does more to relieve pain than to cause it.

However, we completely understand that some of our patients feel more apprehensive about this procedure than others. You may have dental anxiety, especially sensitive teeth, or difficulty sitting comfortably for the duration of a dental appointment. If this sounds like you, know that you have nothing to worry about at our practice serving Lakewood.

We offer nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation, each of which can induce a state of deep relaxation that helps your time with us fly by without worry or pain. Our dentist can discuss which of these options is best to meet your individual needs.

The Root Canal Treatment Timeline

You'll begin your treatment with a visit to our office serving Lakewood. Dr. Polidori will examine your teeth and discuss your symptoms with you to determine whether a root canal is necessary. We may need to begin your treatment by addressing any cavities that have formed in the tooth. Then you can move forward with root canal therapy. Your procedure will involve several steps:
Your root canal won't be especially uncomfortable, but you can choose to receive calming sedation for added peace of mind.
Your root canal won't be especially uncomfortable, but you can choose to receive calming sedation for added peace of mind.

Numbing Anesthetic

We'll thoroughly numb the treatment area to ensure your comfort. You can also receive sedation for added peace of mind.

Accessing the Pulp

Our dentist will create an opening in the crown of your tooth to access the infection within the inner chamber.

Clearing the Infection

Our dentist will use a small instrument to gently remove the infected pulp, nerves, and blood vessels from your root canals.

Sealing the Tooth

Once the infected material has been removed, your inner tooth will be sanitized to eliminate any lingering bacteria. It will then be filled with a rubberlike substance that restores strength.

Fitting a Dental Crown

Depending on the size and condition of the treated tooth, we may need to restore it with a dental crown after your root canal. Our crowns are custom-made to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Will Dental Insurance  Cover My Root Canal?


A root canal is medically necessary dentistry, so your dental insurance will provide at least partial coverage. If you are uninsured or have out-of-pocket costs, you can secure financing through CareCredit®, which offers loans with little or no interest that are repayable in monthly installments.

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Everybody in the office is very friendly and helpful. The doctor really cares about patient's dental health education. He spent at least 3 times as much time as other doctors would spend to explain the correct procedures to take care of my teeth. He answered all my questions and I am very satisfied with his recommendations. He sets a good example for me.

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Dr. Polidori is definitely the Best Dentist in Lakewood. Hands Down! Always going to classes, keeps up with the latest in Dental techniques. He's honest, always tells you what you need. Reasonable cost. During procedures explains what he's doing in civilian language. Top notch and well trained staff. If your afraid of dentists, don't be afraid of him, get an appointment today.

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